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We're proud to offer the most refined rifles on the planet. And after months of R&D, we've developed multiple configurations that cover a broad range of requirements, yet focus on one thing... Absolute dominance in the marketplace. EraThr3 gas guns are assembled with a free-float handguard, single-point cut 416R PROOF Research barrel, and a hand-selected group of top top-notch component parts. Meticulously built on our own billet receivers, each assembly is hand finished and proven on the range prior to delivery.

su·preme /so͞oˈprēm/
1. (of authority or an office, or someone holding it) superior to all others.

With blatant disregard to the masses, we set-out to design and build what "we" wanted in a modern-day AR-15. Rather than listen to some metrics pushing sales team, or rely on their boring market research data, we opted to do this one our way. And what we've found, is that those pencil pushers aren't always right. We're passionate about what we do, and what we do is win. Most every rifle out there is gonna go "bang", we get that part. This one just happens to do it with a new sense of style and greatness, one that you can have as well. 

EraThr3 7075 Billet Upper Receiver
14" NRX Handguard w/ Cerakote Finish 
M-LOK Mounting Provisions @ 3, 6, & 9 O’Clock
16" Match Grade Proof Research Barrel
Carbon Wrapped 416R Stainless Blank
Single-Point Cut Rifling w/ CNC Chamber  
Extended Feed Ramps
Available in 5.56mm, 1:7T or 300BLK 1:8T
Mid Length Gas System/Carbine for .300 BLK
SilencerCo TriFecta Flash Hider 
Build Components
Titanium Bolt Carrier & Firing Pin
Properly Headspaced JP Enhanced Bolt
Titanium Gas Block w/ 2 screws
Mil-Spec Gas Tube
Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle
Lightweight Port Door & Rod
EraThr3 7075 Billet Lower Receiver
Flared Magwell
E3 "Weight Loss" Titanium Parts Kit
Geissele SSA Trigger
Magpul STR Stock
Mil-Spec Buffer Tube/H Buffer

Included Accessories:
MBUS Pro Sights
1-30rd PMAG

Accessory Kit $250 with rifle purchase:
M-LOK 7 Slot Aluminum Rail
MAGPUL MS1 Padded Sling
M-LOK QD Sling Mount
EraThr3 Patch
Structured Soft Rifle Case

NOTE: This item requires shipment to a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer.  When checking out, please include FFL Dealer phone number and/or email in addition to shipping address in the notes section.  EraThr3 will not process orders without the required FFL information.


E3 Accuracy Guarantee:

Whether you are shooting steel, providing for the family, or hunting bad guys, we are here to support your efforts, and provide you the competitive edge required to prevail with a "Match Grade Rifle”.

To achieve the expected level of accuracy, every unit is hand-crafted with extreme attention to detail in its fit, form, and function.  Building an E3 rifle starts with a match grade barrel, chamber… and so on. We can guarantee the quality of our products and stand behind trusted suppliers to do the same, however we cannot guarantee the skill level of every shooter, quality of sub-par ammunition, and/or choice of optics & aftermarket accessories. 

Every rifle is tried, tested, and proven with "Black Hills Match" ammunition prior to delivery. This doesn't mean that our rifles won’t run with various types of ammunition, including custom loads or hunting grade products, it's just simply no guarantee that they will. Rifles, just like your favorite pair of pants, have a lifespan. Even with easy use, and great care, things break, wear-out, etc. We stand behind our goods, and will support them to the end. However, we also expect that you understand the definition of “normal wear and tear”.

We highly recommend the training component to all of our customers, and follow the same advice ourselves. Being good at one’s craft takes good equipment, hard work, and dedication.

--All NFA Regulations apply. Please check your local and state laws before ordering. Contact your local ATF Field Office with any NFA questions you may have.--

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