EraThr3 M-LOK Handguard

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The EraThr3 Low-Pro M-LOK Handguard is a sleek, free-floating alternative for the AR-15 weapon system. Designed with versatility in mind, M-LOK slots are positioned at 3, 6, & 9 o’clock positions, leaving the door wide open for hanging everything under the sun off of your rifle. Direct-mount M-LOK accessories and/or M-LOK 1913 Picatinny rail sections are easily installed for the mounting of tactical lights, slings, grips, and/or any other items one may deem necessary.

M-LOK is a modular locking accessory mounting system that is a direct attachment method for hard mounting accessories to a negative space mounting point. Designed by Magpul Industries as an evolution of the MOE slot system used since 2007, the M-LOK system is being released as a free licensed platform to allow greater compatibility of accessories between all manufactures.

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  6061 Hardcoat Anodized Aluminum 
  Steel Barrel Nut w/ Torx Fasteners

  M-LOK Accessory Slots

Model E3H1-10

  OAL 10 3/8”  


  Rail w/o nut 5.6 oz, with barrel nut 8.2 oz.

  Inside: 1 3/8"
  Outside: 1 1/2"

Model E3H1-12:

  OAL: 12"

  Rail w/o nut 6.4 oz, with barrel nut 9.0 oz.

  Inside: 1 3/8"
  Outside: 1 1/2"

Model E3H1-14:

OAL 13 9/16"

  Rail w/o nut 6.7 oz, with barrel nut 9.3 oz.

  Inside: 1 3/8"
  Outside: 1 1/2"

Recommended Tools & Shop Supplies:
  Gun Vise and Upper Receiver Block
  1 3/16” End Wrench
  Torque Wrench & Driver Set
  Anti-Sieze & Gun Oil
  Blue Loctite or Equivalent
  Common Sense

The EraThr3 handguard is a “low-profile” design, and generally requires the use of “7mm” M-LOK accessory screws, to avoid interference with the barrel and/or gas block. The “M-LOK T-Nut Replacement Set”, Magpul Part #MAG615, can be purchased through your local Magpul dealer. For installation instructions of Magpul accessories, please visit MAGPUL, or consult with a qualified gunsmith.    


Warning: Regardless of your experience and/or self proclaimed level of expertise, the E3 handguard should always be installed by a "qualified gunsmith”, with a proper understanding of the weapon platform. The E3 hanguard was developed to be compatable with Mil-spec, direct impingement AR-15 systems. Do not attempt to alter, change, or use a big hammer to make it fit something else. We know you’re smarter than that, however our scary legal team doesn’t believe you. Firearms can be harmful, and/or fatal if not handled properly. EraThr3, LLC shall not be liable for any damage, injury, or death due to faulty installation, or irresponsible practice.

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